Ailem, Evlatlık Olduğumu İtiraf Etti
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Ailem, Evlatlık Olduğumu İtiraf Etti

Pure Taboo Altyazılı Porno İzle | Brandi Love & Jane Wilde HD – 31Vakti

Sarışın olgun anne Brandi Love ve kocası, genç kızları Jane’e onun evlatlık olduğunu itiraf ederler. Ve ardından üçlü, çılgınca ensest seks yapmaya başlarlar. Full HD 1080p Türkçe Pure Taboo altyazılı porno seyret & indir.


Parents Reveal To Teen That She Was Traded At Birth So They Can Fuck Their Daughter

SCENE OPENS just as Alice (Jane Wilde) takes the last bite of a piece of cake and polishes off her fork. Her parents Fred (Eric Masterson) and Barbara (Brandi Love) sit next to her, looking on lovingly. Around the table there are also the scraps of gift bags and wrapping paper suggesting a small birthday celebration between the family. Barbara comments that she can’t believe Alice is 18 ALREADY. Where does the time go?

As Barbara tidies up the dishes by taking them to the other room, Fred adds that as Alice gets older, she just gets more and more beautiful.

Fred and Barbara give each other a curious look as Barbara re-emerges from the other room. Together, Fred and Barbara drop a bombshell on Alice: she is NOT actually their daughter.

Fred and Barbara reveal that as part of an arrangement with another couple down the block, the Greens, Alice and the Greens’ daughter were swapped at birth, so that each couple could indulge their fantasy and fuck their ‘daughter’ when she came of age. Watch high quality Turkish subtitled Pure Taboo altyazılı porn free of charge.

Alice threatens to call the police, but when Fred and Barbara point out that her life will be turned upside down as a result, she backs down and agrees to the threesome.

Alice’s life will NEVER be the same again…

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